Yeah Jew I’m alright. I just miss my sister and my dad, and I hate living with my mom, but somethings you can’t have your way, ya know? Thanks for asking though.

The past three days have been filled with nothing but tears and stress. I just want this to all be over with so I can start my life without having to answer to anybody. I don’t want to rush this last month and a half of high school, but I am really ready to graduate and get the hell out of where I am. I just need to push through this.

My piping skills have gotten soooo much better! #weddingcake #almondicing #buttercream #cupcakes

I need my own space.


My #womancrusheveryday and #womancrushwednesday is @zxcvbnmickey

I love you.

The less loved you are by others, the more you have to love yourself.

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Could you for once just fucking humble yourself, realize that the world does not fucking revolve around you and think about others around you? Or is that too fucking much to ask for?